David J. Kabamba


Born in Kinshasa, DRC, Kabamba realised his artistic abilities at 4 years old. He was inspired by the imagination his father exhibited in his work as an architect and construction business owner. It was at the National School of Arts in Johannesburg, where Kabamba began to develop his own artistic voice. His style draws influence from his interest in ancient cultures, cave art, hieroglyphics, and traditional African geometric sculpting style.

Kabamba's practice explores and tackles gender politics. After his family's move to South Africa in 2003, his mother took on a leadership role in their household as his father continued operations in Kinshasa. Raising 6 children in a foreign country, Kabamba's mother demonstrated her nurturing, confidence, determination, and great authority - traits usually reserved for men. This experience led him to question existing ideologies that limit individuals in any environment because of their gender, race, culture and even ideologies

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David Kabamba

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