The Mindful Journey

Awaken Your Spirit in Nature: Embark on a transformative journey at a luxurious game reserve, combining the power of mindfulness with the beauty of nature.

Reconnect With Yourself: Through meditation, art therapy, and a personalised diet cleanse, you'll find peace and clarity amidst stunning scenery. Explore the reserve on guided walks, spot incredible wildlife, and delve into mindfulness practices led by experienced facilitators.

Art therapy sessions offer a unique way to express your emotions and unlock your creativity, while group discussions foster a sense of community and support. This retreat promises a nourishing mind, body, and soul experience.

5 Star Game Reserve Mindful Retreat

3 Day Mindful Retreat & Clense

wellness retreats meant to revitalize your mental and mental energy, coupled with a diet that will make you feel like a new person. Our retreats are geared for groups, couples and corporates

  • Single Art Therapy Session

    Explore your emotions creatively with a single art therapy session. No artistic experience needed! Sessions hosted at Woodstock Cape Town Studio

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  • Team Mindfulness Therapy Session

    Strengthen communication and reduce stress with a team mindfulness therapy session.

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  • 3 Night Wellness Retreat Therapy Session

    Immerse yourself in a 3-night wellness retreat with daily therapy sessions. Reconnect, recharge, and rediscover inner peace.

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