Ramier Vita

Born in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, on April 14, 1991, to a Congolese mother and Angolan father, the artist found themself raised by grandparents after their parents divorced at a young age. This experience instilled resilience and a reliance on personal strength, shaping their future outlook.

Despite the distance from their parents, the artist thrived under their grandparents' guidance, completing both primary and university studies in Kinshasa. A natural aptitude for art was nurtured not only through school but also through the influence of their uncle, Tresor Nsuka Makiese, a professional architect. This early exposure ignited a deep passion for artistic expression.

The artist's journey began in 2008, embarking on a career path as a painter alongside friends. This group fostered creative collaboration and provided valuable mentorship from established artists like Eddy Kamuanga Ilunnga and Peter Kalala. This formative period fueled artistic growth and solidified their aspirations in the world of art.

In 2014, the artist embarked on a new chapter, relocating from Kinshasa to Lubumbashi. However, their stay was brief, and a subsequent move to Johannesburg, South Africa, followed in the same year. There, they pursued further education in graphic advertising and design at The DC College (Damelin Correspondence College).

Life in Johannesburg, however, presented unforeseen challenges. Financial constraints limited access to art materials, and the bustling art market remained elusive. To overcome these hurdles, the artist temporarily transitioned to a security guard position, saving resources and formulating a plan for relocating to Europe, aiming for a more conducive environment to pursue their artistic career.

 Seeking better opportunities in the United Kingdom, specifically England, the artist faced unforeseen limitations. Denied asylum, they were deported back to South Africa, experiencing an eight-month detainment on immigration charges. This period, however, became a catalyst for self-reflection and a renewed determination to overcome adversity. Emerging from this challenging experience, the artist saw it as a pivotal moment – a defining chapter that solidified their resolve to forge their own path and embrace the challenges life presented.

The artist recognises the importance of personal experiences in shaping their artistic journey, believing that "every step of my life teaches me how to carry myself as a successful man." They acknowledge the absence of external intervention, stating, "nobody helped me to write my own story; only the reality of my life did give me the ink and paper to write my own story."

This narrative, infused with resilience, artistic passion, and an unwavering drive to overcome obstacles, is a testament to the artist's determination to succeed. 

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