Elliot Sithole

Elliot Sithole is a fine art graduate, entrepreneur, visual artist and an exhibition maker amongst other things. He denes arts as a way of putting a stamp in time in what the world looks like today. It is through the pandemic and various lockdowns that the inspiration of Faces Of You came to life.

Elliot Sithole has always been intrigued by peoples facial expressions. It was through the pandemic which left many people in destitute and in a melancholic state, that he was fascinated by how people were always laughing and looked happy regardless of their circumstances

“Pain demands to be felt just as happiness needs to be shown. It is through pain when I am mostly creative. The pandemic had an enormous impact on me as a creative and through peoples smiles and laughter that made me to be more optimistic about what lies ahead.”- Elliot Sithole

Through Sithole’s observations; he had always seen that Black Africans are mostly known to be at the bottom of the barrel because of everything bad associated with them. He says that we fall victim to circumstances and seeing people happy in spite of their problems makes him happy. Just like the saying goes ‘ laughter is the best medicine’ he also believes that happiness is a form of healing as it brings about fulfilment and contentment.

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Elliot Sithole

          Elliot Sithole, a fine art graduate born...