Wayne Harry

Wayne was born and raised in Zimbabwe until the age of nine, surrounded by his family and steeped in Shona culture. He then immigrated to South Africa with his family, where he learned IsiXhosa and embraced the local culture. In 2008, Wayne and his family experienced xenophobia in their township community. This violence prompted his parents to relocate them to the suburbs of Cape Town.

Wayne's diverse upbringing fostered his open-mindedness and creativity, ultimately leading him to develop a passion for art photography. He was particularly inspired by the rich culture and stories he encountered in the rural Eastern Cape.

A passionate visual storyteller, has spent the past six years weaving narratives through the captivating medium of videography. His journey began with a photographer's keen eye, honed during his pursuit of a certificate in documentary filmmaking. Drawn by the dynamic possibilities of video, Wayne seamlessly transitioned into videography upon completing his course, discovering a true passion for bringing stories to life through motion.

For the past three years, Wayne has dedicated himself to crafting captivating video content for a diverse range of clients. He thrives in capturing the energy and spirit of live events, ensuring every fleeting moment resonates with viewers. His expertise extends to crafting compelling brand campaigns specifically tailored for social media platforms, where engaging storytelling fuels success.

Beyond his natural talent, Wayne possesses a comprehensive skillset encompassing various technical aspects of videography, including (replace with specific technical skills). This robust toolbox, combined with his unwavering dedication to storytelling, allows him to translate your vision into a visually stunning reality.

More than just a videographer, Wayne Harry is a visual artist who captures the essence of every moment he encounters. He believes in the power of video to connect with audiences on a deeper level, leaving a lasting impression and fostering meaningful connections. Looking forward, Wayne dreams of returning to Zimbabwe and exploring his hometown through the lens of African art photography, sharing the stories of the local people.

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