Simhle Plaatjies

Simhle Plaatjies, a rising multidisciplinary artist, has embraced creativity since a young age, excelling in art throughout her high school career at Wynberg Girls' High School in Cape Town, culminating in an impressive 90% for her final Grade 12 practical.

Simhle's signature style takes form in large-scale pastel paintings and intricate tufted rugs, often featuring powerful, spiritual, or goddess-like portrayals of Africans, celebrating their strength and resilience. Her artistic voice extends beyond the canvas, incorporating vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and diverse textures, reflecting her diverse background in professional hockey and international modeling.

Inspired by the people she encounters, their stories, and her personal journey, Simhle's art delves into themes of history, culture, and self-discovery. She believes in the transformative power of art, striving to create works that serve as sources of inspiration, hope, and empowerment.

Through captivating creations, Simhle invites viewers on a journey of self-discovery, reminding them to seek their truth within and fostering a sense of belief in one's potential. Owning a piece of Simhle's art is not just acquiring a visual masterpiece, but an invitation to connect with your inner strength and embark on your personal transformation.

Simhle's artistic prowess has been recognized both locally and internationally through exhibitions and critical acclaim. As a multi-talented artist, she continues to explore new avenues, pushing the boundaries of her craft. Whether through traditional mediums or digital creations, Simhle's unique perspective and passion resonate with viewers, inviting them to experience the world through her eyes.

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Simhle Plaatjies

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