Tinashe Mukumbi


Tinashe Mukumbi, the artistic marvel, whom most know as Tinashe MK. Born in the heart of Zimbabwe in 1999, Tinashe’s journey led him to the scenic vistas of Cape Town. While the spirit of Zimbabwe flows in his veins, it’s South Africa that has shaped his dreams. 

For a young Tinashe, art was a distant echo, barely audible amidst the clamour of traditional aspirations. He had never imagined it would be the brush and palette that would colour his destiny. But as the adage goes, sometimes we find our true calling in the most unexpected corners of our lives. For Tinashe, art wasn’t just a choice – it chose him. Through life's ebb and flow, its highs and lows, art remained a silent, steadfast companion. It wasn’t until 2017, when faced with the daunting crossroads of academic hurdles, that Tinashe’s mother echoed what destiny had whispered all along: "Why not give your art a try?" The universe had plans. Art schools, with their hefty price tags, remained just out of reach. However Tinashe was unstoppable. He plunged into the media world from 2018 to 2021, refining his artistic lens. The year 2020 saw another metamorphosis. From the precise lines of drawing, he immersed himself in the vibrant world of painting, finally discovering the style that resonated with his soul.

What fuels Tinashe's creative fires? A harmonious blend of divine inspiration and earthly wonders: the profound revelations gleaned from scripture and worship, the symphony of geometric patterns on canvas, and the intricate designs of architectural wonders. Each stroke, each hue is an ode to his relationship with God and a reflection of the world around him.

Through the vivid stories he paints, Tinashe beckons viewers on a spiritual journey, urging them to harness their God-given potentials to their fullest. The name 'Tinashe' translates to 'We Have God'. Every masterpiece Tinashe crafts is not just a visual delight, but an experience. An experience that reminds viewers of the divine presence and the power of human potential. Step into the world of Tinashe Mukumbi, and let your soul be touched by the divine dance of colours and tales of transcendence.


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