Romi Frida Flowers


Romi Frida Flowers (Romi Geldenhuys) is a multi faceted contemporary artist/fashion designer born and raised in Cape Town. Over the years she’s played with the idea that you cannot be good at something unless you’ve tried and failed at it first. The journey of the art is to enjoy the process and lessons you learn along the way.

Her work has transformed from figurative abstract to focusing more on building characters with background and really showing the detail in small things. And so every character she Paints has a resemblance to herself or people she encounters. The stories to be told hold so much more than the sweet soft sugar coated colours. Each painting is an affirmation to keep growing from your wounds , and to continue to journey forward.

In her words "Painting is my therapy, this is how I process feelings, and for anyone that can relate to my work, however it makes you feel, you are not alone. I cannot paint a picture through the eyes of another if I see through my own windows. Every piece comes from a very personal place. It’s the only honest way to paint you a story. I cannot think for you, nor you for me so it’s all up to your perspective on how you read the story. I want to plant the seed of hope, happiness, and love, that  through all storms, there is the light of a rainbow at the end. Don’t ever give up on yourself. Water your mind daily, and grow positive thoughts. Love and light is infectious."

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