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The Space Between AUM

Spirit Horns

Spirit Horns

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Hours after receiving the news of my grans passing I began art directing my shoot.. we spent the rest of the afternoon shooting and dancing into the sunset healing through art, finding solace and inspiration in nature, proving that art has the power to transform and transcend our emotions.

The spirit of the horns is a symbol of divine guidance and protection and being open to receiving spiritual support.

By letting go of my grief I was able to create space for new growth and creativity. Through surrender, I was able to tap into a higher and more truthful expression

of self.

“2211” is a sign of spiritual awakening; these celestial digits carry the strong potential to help you discover your true path in life, and it also encourages you to have faith in your own strength and resilience, embrace new ideas and possibilities by showing you that things will get better after a period of uncertainty.

While there will always be a certain level of uncertainty when it comes to the future, by maintaining an optimistic attitude you can stay focused on what truly matters while still welcoming new opportunities and experiences along the way.

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