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The Space Between AUM

Sound Intentions with KHNYSA - 26 April ‘24

Sound Intentions with KHNYSA - 26 April ‘24

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Artist Bio 

Sisonke Papu, also known as KHNYSA, is iGqiRha (traditional healer / doctor) and a South African multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores themes of healing, memory, and indigenous knowledge. Papu is a storyteller, filmmaker, and musician who uses his art to bridge the gap between the everyday and the spiritual. He is the founder of ISPILI Network, a non-profit that supports young creatives in the Eastern Cape, and his work has been exhibited internationally.

Sound Intentions

"Sound Intentions," is a transformative experience that invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection through the power of sound. In this immersive session, we create a sacred space where the heart leads and intuition guides, allowing for playful exploration and deep release. Whether you're seeking solace, connection, or simply a moment of joy, "Sound Intentions" offers a sanctuary where individuals and families alike can come together to nurture their souls and cultivate a community of care.

At the heart of "Sound Intentions" is the belief that sound has the profound ability to unite, transform, and heal. Through a carefully curated blend of gentle live soundscapes with indigenous instruments, and guided exercises, participants are invited to tap into their inner wisdom and creativity, opening themselves to new realms of expression and connection. Led by skilled facilitator, each session is designed to awaken the senses, regulate the nervous system, and foster a deep sense of presence and belonging.

Embracing the spirit of play and curiosity, "Sound Intentions" welcomes individuals of all ages and backgrounds and families seeking a space to relax, recharge, and reconnect with one another. From soothing lullabies to gentle movements and group vocal explorations, every sound is an invigoration to explore, express, and rediscover the joy of being fully present in the moment.

Join us for "Sound Intentions" and experience the transformative power of sound to awaken the heart, ignite the spirit, and create a ripple of love and connection that extends far beyond the session itself. Together, let's co-create a space where laughter, love, and community thrive, and where every sound is an affirmation of our shared humanity.

Event Address: 66 Albert Road, The Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town, Block B, 2nd Floor

Bring: Yoga Mat and / Blanket

Date: Friday 26 April 2024 

Time: 7PM-9PM


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