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The Space Between AUM

Honey We Are The Secret Ingredient Photo Series Lavas

Honey We Are The Secret Ingredient Photo Series Lavas

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"We Are The Secret Ingredient" an artistic collaboration in this photo series which aims to initialize a dialogue. Inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of individual strengths and the profound impact that collaboration can have on fostering positive change. 

Artist Sarafina Naisula Collaborated with Dyce Jones, a self-taught artist with a deep devotion to the art of photography, who finds inspiration in the interplay of light, the simple beauty of faces, and the honest expressions captured in black and white portraiture. Drawn to genuine people and captivating environments, Dyce Jones believes in minimalist aesthetics, finding that pared-down compositions often yield the most impactful results.

Whether tackling a grand project or an intimate shoot, Dyce approaches each endeavor with unwavering passion and dedication. Fostering a positive and collaborative environment is paramount, ensuring that everyone involved leaves the experience feeling enriched and fulfilled.

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