Dive Deep into Mindfulness Through Art and Wellness at The Space Between AUM

Dive Deep into Mindfulness Through Art and Wellness at The Space Between AUM

In the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, The Space Between AUM Art Gallery is more than just an exhibition space. It's a sanctuary where art and wellness waltz hand in hand, in a dance of creativity. An inseparable pair, whose synergy elevates the human experience and fosters self-discovery.

Integrating art and wellness requires finesse. It's a delicate balance that, when achieved, transforms spaces into thriving hubs of both commercial success and aesthetic appeal. "Our mindful art therapy sessions and transformative wellness retreats offer a unique opportunity to experience the power of creativity firsthand," says Simhle Plaatjies, Founder and Director of The Space Between AUM.

Led by experienced facilitators, you can embrace the present moment, cultivate self-compassion, and manage stress. The wellness retreats combine artistic expression with mindful practices, allowing you to tap into your inner wellspring and connect with nature and your emotions on a deeper level. These immersive 3-night journeys cater to tourists, organizations, and individuals seeking an enriching art and culture experience.

A notable initiative is the "Look Within Art Exhibition," showcasing the vibrant works of five talented artists: Sarafina Naisula, Jariiid, Romi Frida Flowers, Abongile Ntsane, and Tinashe MK. Located at The Woodstock Exchange, the gallery serves as a safe space where artistic expression and connection flourish. This community-driven initiative leverages the power of art to revitalize neighborhoods.

Among the featured artists is Naisula, whose work reflects a blend of influences from Amsterdam, Tanzania, and Kenya. Her visionary pieces contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the exhibition, illustrating the diverse range of talent on display.

According to Plaatjies, the curator, "History bears witness to the transformative impact of art in our surroundings. Our goal with this exhibition is to create a space where artists can connect with each other and with the broader community, and spark conversations about God, self-reflection, and understanding of our personal experiences and perceptions of the world."

Embrace a life enriched by art and mindfulness. Visit: https://spacebetweenaum.co.za 

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